• Vespucci: Flat weave XL

    A fouta of large dimensions. Also...

    CAD$52.00 -20% CAD$65.00


The 5 Nomad family commitments

  1. Famille Nomade is committed to offering original products that represent a country or a region and that are locally made;
  2. Famille Nomade rigorously selects its products and suppliers, creating long-term relationships to stimulate local economies; 
  3. Famille Nomade works directly and exclusively with producers and artisans who are skilled masters of their art, to guarantee the products' consistency and quality;
  4. Famille Nomade selects only products made from top-quality natural and durable materials and that require ancestral knowledge for their preparation or fabrication; 
  5. Famille Nomade provides meticulous quality-control to ensure that every product you receive meets your every expectation.